here ill post these together!! luv this water brush

Because this didn’t come in my SAI and I bet it didn’t with other people’s, here’s a pack of more textures (including the lava one!!!). Go to your SAI folder and just dump the ones you’d like in the brushtex folder (or w/e you have it called)

#1. You cant just ‘dump them in your sai folder’

you have to put it in the folder ‘blotmap’ and then hit the green start sai icon/arrow looking thing at the bottom of the main folder.  that re-caches all of your brushes.  after that it should be seen in your dropdown. UNLESS your files are in any format aside from bmp, in which case you will do this:

all of the files need to be in .BMP, which means youll be opening it in photoshop or some other program and changing the filetype by >save as> bmp

ONLY bmp files work with sai to make brushes and textures

also it will NOT work in the brushtex folder.  brushes in that folder must be 512x512 px.  Blotmap folder is 256x256. BMP format only.

Furthermore you may already have some of these.  I know the one they are calling ‘lava’ is actually a macro shot of a seashell, and I had that one already in my folder known as shell texture.

***+++ be SURE to remove the extention on the ones which have “.bmp” in their filename.  simplify it to ‘lava1’ and ‘lava2’ as an example, or yanno..seashell,1 x 2 since thats what it is.


After following my instructions and hitting the start sai arrow icon to re-cache, you will see it in your dropdown

like so.

if it still does not work, try in photoshop converting to greyscale. save as bmp, place in folder, hit start sai and see if that works.

mostly, people who make brushes are SMART enough to convert to greyscale for YOU, but some ARENT. which means you have to do it yourself.



Character development thing.

Plot points on this chart to represent how important these different aspects of a character’s life are to them. By doing that you can help determine what type of things your character deems to be most meaningful in their life, especially compared to others aspects.

A brief explanation of each aspect is below in case you’re confused about the meaning of any.

Physical Aspects

  • Strength: to have physical power and strength
  • Sex: to have sexual gratification and satisfaction
  • Possessions: to have objects and tangible things
  • Health: to have physical health and stability
  • Appearance: to have a good external appearance

Emotional Aspects

  • Love: to love and be loved, romantically or otherwise
  • Appreciation: to be appreciated by others
  • Attention: to be paid attention to
  • Security: to feel secure emotionally
  • Approval: to be approved by others

Social Aspects

  • Respect: to be respected
  • Friendship: to have friends
  • Intimacy: to be intimate with a partner or partners
  • Belongingness: to feel needed and belonged
  • Family: to be on good terms with/have a family

Spiritual Aspects

  • Inner peace: to be content with themselves
  • Purpose: to feel as though they are fulfilling a purpose
  • Self-sufficiency: to feel that they are able to provide for themselves
  • Growth: to feel as though they are growing and changing
  • Acceptance: to be able to accept themselves without consequence

This is an absolutely amazing exercise and I certainly recommend doing it. 

Dumb Ways to Die


Below the cut is +400 ways to kill your characters

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Things almost every author needs to research
Let’s get hairy


Describing appearance is something a lot of you struggle with and it is something I struggle with, especially when I’m trying to describe truthfully without making it boring or overly elaborate. Hair however I find even more tiresome to describe. I find it especially different because I don’t know much about hairstyles or trends. So I gathered some links that hopefully should help you with developing your characters appearance. 

Hair Colour

Hair colour like anything has trends, different shades are in at different times of year and certain colours suit some complexions better than others. Whether or not this matters to you or your character is dependant on how much you care about it, but if you do these links below should help you out.
Find the best hair colour for you
Popular hair colours of 2013
Describing Hair Colour
List of hair colours
History of hair colour
1920s Flapper hair

Popular female hairstyles

Hair styles change, I mean think of the trends. The Rachel haircut in the 90s, the Beckham bob… there has been lots of different styles that have gone in and out of fashion. Although this is not of major importance in your novel, it’s nice to know what styles were popular in the time you are setting your story. 

Popular Male hairstyles

Like women male hairstyles are heavily influenced by celebrities and fashion. Think about the mullet! And that wacky Bowie hair! Oh and lets not forget the mohawk made popular by Becks! So mens hair changes with styles but men have a little extra hair on their face- BEARDS. So I’m also including links for popular beard styles. So let’s get started!!!
Hair at the 19th Century
Hair of the 20th Century
The 30 most iconic styles
1980s male hairstyles
The 15 most important male hairstyles of the ‘90s
Mens hair trends 2000-2009
25 Trendy male Hairstyles
Top 40 Male Hairstyles UK
Mens Hairstyles

Facial Hair

If this interests you and you find the links useful, brilliant! If not, never mind!




ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it
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Reblogging for the writing resources, but also for everything else!



ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it








Cheer up/Be happy





Mental health:

Reblogging for the writing resources, but also for everything else!


Abdominal Pain Grid


Here’s a quick look at what my process looks like nowadays! I really only use the default pen settings in sai and the air brush for most of my coloring. Once everything’s merged, I use this brush:

to fix up some shapes which I definitely see better once all the colors are laid out. As for color palettes/theory, that’s still something I’m figuring out for myself, but don’t be afraid to rely on photos/pre-existing color palettes to test the waters!

the single greatest cloud brush I’ve worked with so far oh my god



just adjust opacity and size depending on how crisp lines you want


this shit took like 10 minutes